Personal Responsibility Education

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Youth Education

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The Kansas Personal Responsibility Education Program (K-PREP) is a multi-year project that brings evidence-based, medically accurate healthy relationship curriculum to high school aged youth across the state of Kansas.

SIL has already reached over 900 students in Family and Consumer Science classrooms all over Kansas with healthy relationship curriculum through our previous Kansas Better Futures Expansion Project (2018-2020).

Project Participation


  • Participate in training (virtual)

  • Submit School Board approval

  • Submit signed letter of commitment

  • Submit signed informed consent form as research subject

  • Certificate of completion - Human Subject Rights training

  • Agree to participate in all requests for assistance and response

Benefits of Participation


  • Receive $500 stipend for each semester taught

  • FREE Love Notes Evidence-Based Program training

  • FREE teacher manuals and supplies

  • FREE student workbooks


Helpful Links

Visit www.dibbleinstitute.org for more information on Love Notes.

Visit the Family and Youth Service Bureau here to learn more about PREP projects.

  • Participate in survey collection

  • Receive $10 per survey

  • Receive effective healthy relationship education

To learn more about how to participate in K-PREP contact Pam Busch at pam.busch@socialinnovationlab.org

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