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Meet Our Team

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Sarah, our Interim Executive Director at SIL, is a dedicated nonprofit professional and a student of life. After dropping out of college at 19 years old and returning at 25, Sarah went on to earn two master's degrees and continues to seek out any piece of paper on which her name can be emblazoned. She began her career in historic preservation, but found her way to positive youth development, where her heart lies.


Outside of work, Sarah volunteers as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters and sits on the board of directors for local civic organizations. She is a lover of live music experiences, mountains, and "carpe-ing the diem." She can be reached at

Sarah Simister
Executive Director
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Hannah serves as the Marketing Specialist for SIL, where she merges her expertise in psychology with innovative marketing strategies to empower the lives of youth. Earning a master's degree in clinical psychology from Emporia State University, Hannah’s journey has been shaped directly by hands-on experience working with youth in both clinical and residential settings, allowing her to craft compassionate and impactful campaigns that resonate deeply with the communities that we serve.


When Hannah isn't working, she is playing video games, exploring nature, or napping with her three cats. You can reach her at

Hannah Turner
Marketing Specialist VISTA
EC Headshot.png

Ericka serves as the Project Director at SIL. She earned a master's degree from Wichita State University and has over six years of experience creating and managing projects in the nonprofit sector. Ericka has seen firsthand how positive youth development programming can change lives, so she has dedicated her own life to creating a better future for today's youth.


When she isn't at work, Ericka enjoys cross-stitching cat puns, playing with her nieces and nephew, and baking pies. She can be reached at

Ericka Cameron
Project Director
Madison Schmitt.jpg

Growing up in rural Kansas and becoming a mom at 17 years old, Madison developed a great passion for fostering brighter futures and healthier families. She earned her master's in psychology from Emporia State University and is currently working on her Education Specialist Degree with plans to become a school psychologist. What better place to serve and support youth than in the schools?


While Madison continues her education, she has decided to put her passion, knowledge, and efforts towards creating positive youth development programs with SIL through her role of Associate Project Director. She can be reached at

Madison Densberger
Assistant Project Director

Lillian is our vibrant and passionate Director of Food Insecurity at SIL. Her desire to make a positive impact stems from her own personal journey, which fuels her determination to help others thrive. She is committed to exploring innovative solutions and collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations to build a world where everyone has access to nutritious food and the opportunity to thrive.


Outside of her role, Lillian channels her passion for helping others through her creative lens, capturing the beauty of children and their families through photography. If you are seeking guidance, inspiration, or collaboration in addressing food insecurity, reach out to her at

Lillian Mohling
Food Insecurity Advocacy Coordinator
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