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Interested in a full-time year of service position that works towards eliminating and alleviating poverty?


 We're hiring for AmeriCorps VISTA positions

View the current job opening descriptions and read "Is AmeriCorps VISTA right for you" below.



Job Description

Food Insecurity advocacy program coordinator

Position Overview and Goal:

To ensure that children in selected areas of Kansas receive the nutritional support they need to prevent childhood hunger,
the Food Insecurity Advocacy Program Coordinator VISTA will expand the capacity of the SIL Summer Food Service Program to address the needs of underserved populations in Kansas experiencing food insecurity.
 Learn about our program "That Pop-Up Restaurant" here.

​Main Job Responsibilities

  • Prioritize growth opportunities in areas of need in Kansas 

  • Identify and recruit potential project partners and key stakeholders

  • Develop and oversee the creation of a mobile food truck program that primarily targets youth and families in underserved communities

  • Analyze data to monitor the program's impact and prepare reports and presentations over the findings

Food Vehicle

Summer food service program vista

Position Overview and Goal:

To Facilitate Social Innovation Lab's "That Pop-Up Restaurant" summer feeding program in Chase County during June and July of 2023. Learn about our program "That Pop-Up Restaurant" here.

​Main Job Responsibilities

  • Promote "That Pop-Up Restaurant" operations using social media and printed materials

  • Set up, provide service, tear down, and clean up "That Pop-Up Restaurant" 

  • Assist with evalating and soliciting feedback from users to ensure quality of the feeding program


The positions are full-time with flexible scheduling based on unique organizational programs and services. Compensation is based on current full-time VISTA pay in the 66801 zip code. Health benefits are available.

If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Owen at

Is AmeriCorps Vista Right for You?
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